Deciding Between Furnace Repair or Furnace Replacement

When it comes to heating and air conditioning, the gas furnace is in a class of its own. This is because gas furnace repair can be quite tricky. First, you have to remember that there are times newer spare parts will not work with the older unit you have been using for years. In some cases, getting the right replacement part may not be possible.

It follows that when your gas furnace technician tells you to replace any spare part, you have to think again before you rush to replace or repair. Look at all the options because you do not want to waste your money on something that may not work for you.

service the furnace

At this point, it is vital that you understand how gas furnaces work. You have a box in the attic that warms the air and this makes your home warm. The thing here is that the box in question is part of a larger heating and air conditioning system. Now, let us assume that there is a duct leak in the system. The result is that the heating system will no longer work effectively and your house will not be as warm as it is supposed to be.

Now, if your technician discovers the problem, he may recommend a replacement of a particular part of the heating system. The technician may even recommend an upgrade because it is assumed that this move will solve the problem. If the technician does not take time to discover the source of the problem, the replacement or repair will not solve the problem. If you carry out this repair without getting to the root of the problem, you will simply waste your money.

Quality Parts Are Vital

Apart from problems with ductwork, sizing issues can lead to serious complications too. You should ensure that the equipment you are using is the right size and has the right dimensions. There is no point in managing the wrong heater when it is safer to wait until you get the right size. Is this decision is due to a home renovation, then a new unit might be the better choice.

In many cases, the homeowner blames technicians and furnace manufacturers even when they are not culpable. It is better for the homeowner to take time and do a proper load calculation before installing new equipment. This way, everything will be perfectly in harmony and the unit will work properly.

To Repair or Not To Repair

At the end of the day, you have to face this vital fact, that furnace repair is a gamble sometimes. If you are shelling out good money to take this risk, you may end up losing your money. There is no point in trying out a Band-Aid when it is clear that the situation calls for a major surgery.

If you go ahead and take the gamble with furnace repair, you may get just six months or five more years out of the heating system. On the other hand, it pays to take the time and make the effort so that a good job will be done for you. Before carrying out furnace repair, talk to a competent and experienced HVAC expert. Have a proper diagnosis done and take all the relevant factors into consideration. This is the only way to ensure that you protect your heating system and get the best out of it.